About Us

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Building Trust, Creating Value


Terranova Strategic Partners is a geo-strategic advisory firm specializing in the Andean region of Latin America. We assist U.S., Ibero-American, and international public, private and non-profit sector clients in executing their strategies, mounting effective lobbying campaigns, identifying business opportunities, improving their returns, and enhancing relationships with key in-country stakeholders. In addition, TerraNova advises clients on economic and political risk, corporate social responsibility, legislative monitoring, strategic corporate communications as well as international government relations.

Our Clients


We work with companies and organization in the areas of: telecommunications, natural resource management, energy, finance/microfinance, infrastructure, banking, and transportation, among others. We maintain strict confidence with all clients including governments, business, Latin American family offices, high net-worth individuals, multilateral institutions, non-profits, and public-private partnerships.


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