Inter-American Issues Management

Building Trust,

Creating Value


We are an international advisory firm specializing in the Andean region of Latin America.

International Relations

We support our clients’ efforts to affect change, increase their visibility and create goodwill among strategic actors in the Andean region and elsewhere in South America.

Social Responsability

We assist clients in planning and executing effective Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that achieve positive results and garner high visibility.


We provide foresight and counsel to clients on the risks related to
doing business in environments presenting special political and
economic challenges.


We assist clients in all aspects of their U.S. and in-country strategic
communications needs.

Alliances & Networks

Our partners and advisors leverage several decades of professional experience, as well as significant functional expertise in the/with:


Public Sector


Private Sector


Non profit Sector


Multilateral Organizations

We have strategic relations with diverse companies and organizations, as well as an extensive professional network in China, the U.S., Europe and Latin America involved in: legal, political and economic analysis, government relations, public affairs, public relations, communications, community relations, private equity, wealth management, brokerage, energy/renewable energy, philanthropy, and corporate social responsibility among many others.

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